Make better business-customer connections

Connectly was founded by former executives from Strava, Facebook and Uber. 

Messaging is preferred everywhere

Messaging is becoming the preferred communication channel between people and businesses  

  • People love messaging

    56% of people would rather message a business than call

  • Messaging is booming

    In Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa, Latin America and in certain economies in Europe conversational commerce through P2P messaging platforms is growing exponentially

Adding messaging to your business

For small businesses enabling messaging is essential but still complicated

    • Enabling messaging is challenging

      Small businesses don’t have the technical expertise to enable messaging with customers

    • Messaging is still rare

      Many small businesses are being found through business listings such as Google Maps or Yelp, where direct messaging is not offered

    • Lack of CRM

      Most small businesses don’t use any CRM tools and most of their customer interactions are getting “lost” and cannot be used to build meaningful customer relationships

    Our Solution

    A simple, no-code solution to enable messaging and transactions on any website or business listing  

    • Simple to use

      A simple, no-code solution to enable messaging on any website or business listing  

    • Include all top messaging apps

      A unified messaging inbox that allows businesses to seamlessly communicate with their customers across all messaging platforms both on desktop and mobile

    • AI-enabled CRM capabilities

      To enbable businesses to analyze and make the most of their interactions with customers

    Runs on Unicorn Platform